Standard Package

The Standard Package includes two courses of meal selections to choose from.

Select Two Meat Options
Red Osier Hot Roast Beef ¤ Courtney’s Favorite Chicken ¤ Sweet ‘n’ Tangy Pulled Chicken
Rotisserie Chicken Quarters ¤ BBQ Pulled Chicken ¤ Uncle Fred’s Pulled Pork BBQ
Smoked Cajun Brisket ¤ Chicken Picatta ¤ Greek Chicken ¤ Red Osier Beef BBQ
Tuscan Chicken ¤ Salisbury Steak ¤ Virginia Baked Ham with honey glaze
Italian Chicken - Boneless, skinless & marinated in Italian dressing
Italian Sausage with grilled peppers & onions

Select Three Sides
Baked Pasta ¤ Eggplant Parmesan ¤ Macaroni Salad ¤ Baked Beans
Pasta Salad ¤ Crab Pasta Salad ¤ Tossed Salad ¤ Caesar Salad
Salt Potatoes ¤ Steamed Vegetables ¤ Mashed Potatoes
Potato Salad ¤ Potatoes Au Gratin ¤ Roasted Potatoes

  20 person minimum required
$10.99/person + tax
Drop off only

* Chaffers, sternos and serving utensils are not included with this menu; they are available for an additional charge.